Control your business

With GestorSalon, you can maintain full control of your sales, purchases, expenses, product inventory and your reports.

Control your business in an organized way

Keep your company organized and connected

Connect and organize your business in an efficient, simple and efficient way for your progress and continuous improvement without the need of a specialized infrastructure since with GestorSalon you only need a computer, tablet or cell phone with internet connection.

Manage your business from anywhere


We have the option to work ONLINE (connected to the internet) or OFFLINE (without internet connection), in these two ways you will have control of your business anywhere and without network inconveniences.

Keep your business up to date

Immediate synchronization

When you manage your business ONLINE, synchronization will be carried out automatically and immediately, but if you manage OFFLINE, your synchronization will be done when your device connects to a network with internet access.

NOTE: If when working OFFLINE you lose your data before connecting to the internet, your information will be lost.


Control your inventories

With GestorSalon, you can keep control of the inputs and outputs of your products.

Keep your products and warehouses connected

Control your product inventory

Connect your stores and have total control of the inputs and outputs of your products, so you will be aware of the existing products that you have and the products that you need.

Forget the ANT ROBBER

Do not ever lose a single product in your business

The loss of your products within your business is a thing of the past. Now you can know exactly the quantity of your products since they enter your warehouse until they are delivered to your customers and it is removed from your warehouse.

Adjustments to your products

Monitor your products and adjust what is necessary for your business

The loss of your products within your business is a thing of the past. Now you can know exactly the quantity of your products since they enter your warehouse until they are delivered to your customers and it is removed from your warehouse.


Control your sales

With GestorSalón keep your information in real time with our point of sales.

Point of sale

Generate sales easily using a PC, tablet or smartphone

Now you can have your point of sale to any place where you fence with your pc, tablet or smartphone. We have a search engine that will allow you to locate your products in the same way if you have a code reader, our service is compatible with any type of product reader to facilitate product search, make the sale faster and more efficient.

Sales options

Access your customers, in a type of sale and manage your discounts

Organize your business customers, manage your information and select if you are a registered customer or a guest customer. Get different types of retail, wholesale or wholesale sales if you have an outlet or an extensive product sales business. We grant you the management of discounts, if you want to offer discounts to certain products or to a certain amount of purchase.

Generates pending sales and sales

Get better control over your business sales

Make and keep a record of your sales made every day to obtain control, archive all your sales and thus be able to consult them at any time. Make pending sales and save them for when you want to modify or collect them.


Keep a management of your suppliers

With GestorSalon offers you full control of the providers of your choice.


Get the relevant information from your provider

Locate the information of your suppliers anywhere. We give you the option to add new suppliers or modify them if it is your preference, in case you no longer need a provider you can safeguard or discard at any time.

Provider Information

The relevant information of your suppliers is important

You can enter relevant information from your suppliers and in turn consult this information. The most important data of a provider is the means by which to locate it, as well as email or phone number, in turn the address of the supplier and the name of the person in charge of the product will be requested


Control your finances

With GestorSalón it monitors the tracking of all your banking movements.


Control your income and keep them connected for inquiries

Get the option to manage your income by placing the appropriate and easy to understand information for any questions. We allow options to edit and eliminate some income, that will be discussed by the business administrator to see what is most convenient for the growth of your business.


Keep a visualization of your expenses

We allow adding different types of expenses and thus be able to manage them, this is indicated to verify which are necessary and which expenses can be eliminated or postponed. The administrator should see what is best for the business and have a business analysis skill.

Buy and sell

Know and have control of your bank balances in real time

Capture, be aware of the payments to suppliers and the collection of your customers, get control of the expenses and profits obtained by the business. Facilitates your capture of accounts receivable and payable, properly managed without faults or inconveniences.


The reports you need for your business

With GestorSalon you can get the status of your business in real time.

Stock in stock

Get the necessary information to know the status of your warehouse

- Value of the inventory.

- Products in inventory.

- Products with low inventory.

- Products with greater inventory.


What is the most profitable product or service?

Know the relevant and most impactful details in your business. Know the details of your sales. Filter the information you want to value the most consumed and least productive products or services.

Purchases and expenses

Generate reports of purchases and expenses made with a single click

Know all the details of your purchases and expenses. Filter the information you need in your report to have better control and documentation of your expenses or purchases made.