Our privacy policy GestorSalon and all its subdomains and pages, as well as for the management of personal data collected by any other means outside the Website related to customers, prospects, suppliers, partners and any third party.

This privacy policy complies with the Services in the Cloud of our clients. it applies to "Data", including personal data of customers, suppliers and inventory and sales data.

This Website and service is the property of GestorSalon. We take the privacy of all our clients seriously and importantly and, therefore, in this policy we establish certain privacy and security issues.

1. Personal data

GestorSalon may collect the personal data of the titular clients. The data may be collected with the owner by any means, whether through the web, email, postal mail, fax, telephone or any other means. These personal data may be the following: full name and contact information such as address, telephone, fax number, cell phone, business phone + extension and email.

2. Purpose of personal data

The personal data specified will be used for the following purposes, necessary for the relationship between you and GestorSalon:

- To present the available services and make an analysis of your requirements and grant you options and recommendations that would benefit you.

- For identification, operation and administration.

- To respond to complaints and suggestions.

- To give you information about our services and payment reminders.

- To obtain a record of your payments.

- To attend and evaluate the quality of the services.